• Far Flung

Far Flung
| Patrick Dougherty Entwined at the Taft

The Taft Museum of Art is now home to a unique fantasy experience brought to life by world-renowned sculptor Patrick Dougherty. Dougherty has taken six tons of willow tree saplings and twisted and turned them—with the amazing help of more than 150 community volunteers—into whimsical, whirling shapes. Visitors are able to touch and walk through the large-scale sculpture. This enchanting creation will be on the front lawn of the Taft for about 18 – 20 months from its creation in April, 2018. The sculpture is open during regular Museum hours.

Exploring the sculpture is FREE. Museum admission is sold separately.


Ruaille Buaille
Ruaille Buaille (2008) Sculpture in the Parklands, County Offaly, Ireland. Photo: James Farher

About the Artist

Patrick Dougherty combines his carpentry skills and artistic vision with his love of nature to produce his works of art. Over the course of 30 years, Dougherty has built more than 250 sculptures on four continents, gracing some of the most prestigious museums, universities, botanical gardens, and other institutions around the world. Visit www.stickwork.net to learn more about Patrick Dougherty.

Installation funded by:
The Carol Ann and Ralph V. Haile, Jr./U.S. Bank Foundation

Community Partners:
ArtsWave and ArtWorks Cincinnati

Far Flung photos by Phil Armstrong, 2018.