School Visits

At the Taft Museum of Art, our art experiences promote critical thinking, creativity, and visual literacy skills.

What will your student do at the museum?

  • Look closely at art, connect concepts to visual evidence, and analyze results
  • Enjoy hands-on activities that extend engagement to active participation

We aim to foster the development of the four Cs of 21st century learning: critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity.

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School Visit Themes

Select a theme, request a tour of a special exhibition, or contact us to customize your museum experience.

Passport to Art | Grades 2-6
Visual Arts

Get your passport ready! Take an imaginary trip around the world with artworks from the Taft’s collection. We provide the passport and you fill in your stories. (1–1½ hours, max 75 students)


House of Art | Grades 2-5
Visual Arts/Social Studies

From home to museum, learn about the history of this house and the people who lived here before it became a museum. We will meet them through their portraits and discover their stories. Students will make a collage portrait of an imaginary person. (1½ hours, max 60 students)


Experience Painting | Grades 2–12
Visual Arts

Journey through landscapes, meet people in portraits, and discover the stories depicted in paintings on canvas, wooden panels, ceramics, and enamel. Students will make their own paintings. (2 hours, max 60 students)


Far Flung

Experience Architecture: Understanding Space | Grades 5–12
STEAM/Visual Arts

Identify architectural elements and practice spatial skills while exploring the Taft’s historic house. Learn how to read a blueprint and translate the two-dimensional drawing into a three-dimensional model. (1½ hours, max 40 students)


Ohio “State of the Art” | Ideal for Grade 4
Social Studies

Meet the people who contributed to the development of the Ohio Valley through role-playing at a party hosted by Annie Taft. Tour the Museum and, through their portraits, meet the Tafts, who gave us this house and its artworks. Also get to know Ohio artists by looking at their paintings. (1½ hours, max 40 students)

Enemies of Art: Light, Heat, and Humidity  | Grades 7–12

Investigate the science of the preservation and conservation of art. Students will learn about the effects of light and humidity on works of art and what curators do to protect them. (1 hour, max 50 students)

Program support provided by the P&G Fund of the Greater Cincinnati Foundation

Art and Adjectives | Grades 3-6
English Language Arts/Visual Arts

Look, see, say, and write! This gallery program encourages students to build vocabulary and hone their looking skills through gallery games and conversations. (1–1½ hours, max 75 students)


Special Exhibition Tours  | Grades 2–12

These tours provide students with engaging conversations and learning opportunities around special exhibitions.



Customized Tours | Grades 2-12

Want an experience not covered in these themes? Contact or (513) 684-4516 and we’ll work with you to develop a customized program.



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